UBA's monthly compliance recap with SWEB

UBA’s Monthly Compliance Recap for 1st Quarter 2023:

As of February 2023, there have been some significant changes to employee benefits in McAllen. This means that more laws and more help may be available to you. Through our United Benefits Advisor (UBA) partnership in McAllen, you can stay informed on the opportunities for employee benefits. Review the UBA’s monthly compliance recap below.

UBA’s Monthly Compliance Recap

It is estimated that as emergency precautions from the COVID-19 crisis lessen, employers will be asked to work with the following to update plan documents:

● Brokers

● Vendors

● Carriers

The IRS provides a list of qualifying expenses under tax-favored accounts. Some deadlines and coverages will be affected to promote the new plans taking action, including coverage for COVID-19 testing. The tax-favored versions being affected by these changes are affected by the following:

● Annual limits

● Maximums

● Eligibility

● Coordination of benefits

There are Big Updates for Family Needs 

Another critical update is to the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN). It is a standardized medical child support order used by state child support enforcement agencies that obtain group health coverage for children. The NMSN consists of 2 parts, they are:

  • (Part A) A notice to withhold health care coverage is sent to the employer that states the employee is legally bound to provide coverage to their children listed on the document and needs to contribute according to the plan documents.
  • (Part B) A medical support notice to a plan administrator is sent by the employer to its plan administrator/carrier if the child is eligible for enrollment in a group health plan. If an NMSN is properly completed, it is considered a qualified medical child support order.


Read the full UBA Article to learn about more changes that can impact employee benefits in McAllen.

How do You Stay on Top of These Changes in 2023? 

SWEB has access to insurance and other health firms that will help you with all the necessary tools to help benefit your insurance cost-sharing experiences. This allows more benefit plans to receive up to 100% coverage for medical services depending on your earned wages at the workplace. Some examples of employee advocacy may include:

● Wellness benefits

● Healthcare navigation

● Coordination of benefits

Ask About our UBA Tools – UBA Webinars

One tool that can help, as employee benefits in McAllen change, is the UBA Webinars that help breakdown FMLA guidelines that aid with:


● Plan Documents

● Service Contracts

● Healthcare Affordability

● Common-Law Employee

UBA Webinars also give access to many companies that share a broad stream of other business input. You can access previous policies that other companies have received and gain all the information you need to find the right policies for your business.

Review the UBA’s Monthly Compliance and Let SWEB Answer All Your Questions

Through our exclusive UBA partner firm in McAllen, you can get updated on all these changes without putting in the research, time, and expenses. Contact SWEB today to review the status of your plan.

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