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Shepard & Walton Employee Benefits is partnered exclusively with United Benefit Advisors® (UBA). UBA Partner Firms in McAllen include more than 140 premier independent benefit advisory firms with over 165 base offices throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Contact us today for assistance.

UBA Partner Firm Tools


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The UBA ACA  (Affordable Care Act) Advisor Resource Center provides access to an exclusive number of documents designed to help employers stay informed and manage changes in benefits compliance and labor laws. They provide us with resources for HR Elements and Compliance Newsletter, webinars, legal resources plus a compliance dashboard all to assist with any ACA information. These laws are complicated and pertain to each company’s specific situation so let us help you gain access the most beneficial information to your situation.

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Benefit Plan Strategies client’s get access to UBA HR insiders.  A login-based web page designated to HR Resources like Federal laws, a Compliance Center, an HR Center, and strategies for implementing Health/Wellness program. Organizational culture is important, and this gives you great tips and tools for managing employees to get the most out of your workforce.

UBA Surveys

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UBA Health Survey provides your national comparative data regarding plan costs, employee contributions, and plan design that allow employers to benchmark benefit programs with other similar companies in their industry. You can break down the results using same industry, geographic location, or using businesses with the same number of employees. We run these comparative analyses to make sure the cost of your benefits is within the average using multiple different comparison methods.


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UBA Employer Webinar breakdown FMLA guidelines, health plan affordability, plan documents, common-law employee, IRS, Service Contracts, and more. The webinars run about 60-90 minutes and are typically priced at $149 dollar per webinar but they are complementary to our clients. Just contact your local account manager for the complimentary code.

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UBA Workplace Wisdom tool focuses on The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There are federal and state regulations that pertain to FMLA and ADA. The changes happen on a week-by-week basis so staying current can be discouraging. Join the BPS team so that we can give you insight on how to manage these changes efficiently and effectively.

White Papers

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UBA Wisdom Stream is the UBA tool that handles Department of Labor Audit, Employee engagement, Grandfathering, and Self-funding information. It gives access to more effective ways to control the cost of employer-sponsored health care coverage along with great ideas for how to hire and retain quality employees. The goal of this stream is to work with you to prepare and prioritize goals, introduce appropriate tools, and advise you through every step of the employment process.