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Navigating Open Enrollment for Group Benefits Plans

Discussing topics that concern open enrollment can be a tricky, if not, discerning task for most individuals seeking to apply during open enrollment for group benefits plans. SWEB is prepared to help business owners and employers tackle open enrollment. We want to share a few tips on how you can prepare for open enrollment with the help of SWEB!

What is Open Enrollment?

Generally, open enrollment is an enrollment period that runs from November 1st, through January 16th to prepare for coverage for the beginning of the year. For this coverage to engage, you may need to sign up on December 15th to get your policies and insurance in alignment with your coverage.

Who is Eligible for Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment is typically available for:

● Employees

● Employers

● Individuals with income

During the open enrollment period, however, these types of eligible individuals have the chance to make changes to their current benefits. This is the best time to do so for those who are seeking to access or modify their plans or make changes to their policies.

What Health Care Plans Are Available During Open Enrollment?

During open enrollment, individuals can enroll in numerous types of healthcare plans depending on their employer. Employers have the chance to consider health plans and policies that are most preferable for their employees. Employers can consider health plans such as employee sponsored plans and ACA plans.

What Coverage Options Are Available During Open Enrollment?

There are a few options available to employers and employees during open enrollment: There are many options to explore for those looking into acquiring basic benefits and insurance:

● Health insurance

● Dental Insurance

● Vision insurance

● Retirement plans

● Life insurance

● Disability insurance

● Voluntary benefits

● Flexible spending accounts

Assess Your Health Care Needs

To assess your healthcare needs, you must determine your current healthcare status, such as any medical expenses or coverage plans that you might be looking into for you and your employees. SWEB can help and evaluate your status, along with the determination to gain a more comprehensive plan that would best suit your needs or specific needs for your business.

Comparing Group Benefits Plans

SWEB a UBA partner firm, is determined to help you get the right coverage for your business and help keep your employees satisfied. By comparing health plans and coverage, SWEB can help you determine benefits plans through an accessible network of:

● Providers

● Premiums

● Plans

● Healthcare benefits

Evaluating Costs and Coverage

With SWEB, you can gain access to a network of options such as health insurance costs and coverage all within one plan or coverage cost. You can compare these costs as well as other factors that will keep you well informed on what you’ll be paying for without having to break your budget, these other factors include:

● Doctor visits

● Prescriptions

● Specialist care

● Premiums

● Deductibles

● Co-payments

● Out-of-pocket maximums

Utilizing Online Tools and Resources

SWEB has access to numerous online tools and resources that can help you narrow down your search to find the right coverage during the open enrollment process. By using these websites and other networking platforms, they can provide a more detailed plan and utilize the information that best aligns with your healthcare needs.

Enrollment Process

SWEB can help you step by step through the enrollment process, whether it’s online or on call, SWEB is determined to help you get your coverage! You can review available options as well as secure the coverage you need for your business and your employees.

What Can SWEB Do to Help?

If you are interested in our customized services or our group benefits plans, we have many options catering to your needs:

● Exclusive networks

● Competitive group health plans

● Exclusive rates and benefits available to nationally-recognized businesses.

● HR resources to attain perfect solutions

Ask a SWEB professional for advise. Call (956) 213-3050 to get started.

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