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3 UBA Tools Supporting Employee Benefits in McAllen

SWEB and UBA Connections

Are you a growing company or a corporation wanting to update your employee benefits in McAllen? We can help provide the  tools to help you analyze the best benefits and group benefit plans. 

SWEB is dedicated to providing businesses with all the best benefits as well as information to help businesses grow. Today, we share insight on a few of those key tools: benefit benchmarking, employee feedback surveys, and employee benefit surveys.

Benefit Benchmarking

Benefit benchmarking is the analysis of how your employee benefits offerings compare to those of other employers in your industry or in similar industries. It is a way to discover what is the best performance being achieved. With SWEB, you can gain access to benefit benchmarking as well as other information in order to improve or examine what kind of benefits you’d need for your business. 

Employee Feedback Surveys

Employee feedback surveys are surveys that can identify the most pertinent areas of improvement for human resource or leadership teams to focus on. This information is a benefit that identifies the core areas and factors which are important to employees but also the ones they are less than satisfied with. Employee surveys should have objectives that are clear and can help attain the information to improve production. SWEB can provide you with the best questions and best information to best improve your employee surveys, as well as attain information that best benefits you and your employees. 

Employee Benefits in McAllen Surveys

An employee benefits survey helps you learn how your employees feel about your employee benefits program. With benefit programs covering so many possibilities, employee feedback is crucial for crafting a program that best suits your employee’s needs. The essential benefits for employees include:

  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Health insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability 


SWEB can help provide you with plenty of benefits, and with their partnership with UBA, you can gain access to a multitude of business inquiries that best benefit your company.

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