Group Health Plans in Austin

Group Health Plans in Austin: 5 Tips for Employers Prep for Enrollment Season!

Open enrollment is a pivotal period for both employees and employers and group health plans in Austin. It’s the time when employees can make crucial decisions about their benefits for the coming year, and employers need to ensure the process is seamless and informative. Here is how Shepard Walton Employee Benefits can support you in this process, and a few tips you can try.

Get Access to Lowered Costs

Open enrollment is the opportunity to enroll and apply for health care benefits and policies for your business or company. Although you can apply on your own, its best to seek a professional and for customizable packages that work best for you and your employees. 

Review and Update Benefits Offerings

We provide expert analysis and insights into the latest market trends. They can help you tailor your benefits package to meet the needs of your workforce, ensuring you offer competitive and attractive options.

Here are some steps to consider:

  • Analyze Utilization Data: Look at the previous year’s data to understand which benefits were most and least utilized.
  • Employee Feedback: Gather feedback from employees to understand their needs and preferences.
  • Market Trends: Stay updated on the latest trends in employee benefits to ensure your offerings are competitive.


Before open enrollment begins, it’s vital to review and update your benefits offerings. Assess what’s working, what’s not, and what new options could be beneficial for your employees.

Communicate Early and Often

Shepard Walton can assist in crafting clear and concise communication materials. They offer personalized support to help explain complex benefits information, making it easier for employees to understand their options.

Utilize multiple communication channels such as:

  • Emails and Newsletters: Send regular updates and reminders.
  • Information Sessions: Host webinars or in-person meetings to explain the benefits and answer questions.
  • Intranet and Posters: Use your company’s intranet and physical posters to disseminate information.


Clear and early communication is key to a successful open enrollment period. Start informing employees about important dates, changes in benefits, and the enrollment process well in advance.

Simplify the Enrollment Process

We offer exclusive tools as a UBA partner in Austin. Their platforms are user-friendly, ensuring employees can easily navigate their options and make informed decisions.

You can also Streamline the process by:

  • Using Technology: Implement an online enrollment system to make it easy for employees to review and select their benefits.
  • Providing Clear Instructions: Ensure that employees know exactly what steps they need to take.
  • Offering Assistance: Make sure HR personnel are available to help with any questions or issues that arise during the enrollment period.

Educate Employees on Their Choices

Shepard Walton provides detailed benefit guides and educational materials tailored to your organization. They also offer one-on-one advisory services to help employees understand their choices and select the best options for their needs.

Employees need to understand their benefits options to make informed decisions. Provide educational resources such as:

  • Benefit Guides: Create comprehensive guides that explain each benefit in detail.
  • FAQs: Develop a list of frequently asked questions to address common concerns.
  • One-on-One Meetings: Offer the opportunity for employees to have individual meetings with HR personnel or benefits advisors.

Evaluate and Improve

After the open enrollment period, take the time to evaluate the process and identify areas for improvement. Gather feedback from employees and HR personnel to understand what worked well and what could be improved. We can conduct post-enrollment reviews to help you assess the effectiveness of your enrollment process. 

Key Updates and Enhancements

If there’s benefits that you would like to renew or replace, then open enrollment is the chance to do so! Throughout every new year, you’ll gain access to:

● Communication options

● Notices 

● Reminders 

● Site assistance 

● Policy improvements

Group Health Plans in Austin

Shepard Walton Employee Benefits specializes in group health plans in Austin and employee benefits, offering tailored solutions and expert support to meet your organization’s unique needs. Contact us to learn how to enhance your offerings and at low costs.

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