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2024 Trending Group Health Plans in Austin: What to Expect

Employee benefits are just one of the few items trending within the year. Not only is the market for employee benefits skyrocketing, but so are group health plans in Austin. In the competitive market, plenty of insurance companies are evolving and providing employee benefits that are in high demand. Some trending benefits:

Group Health Plans in Austin

With healthcare on the rise, it’s essential to get ahold of health insurance that comes with options that pertain to healthcare. Health-focused benefits are one the rise in the 2020s; companies in Austin can respond by offering:

  • Parental leave
  • Virtual therapy sessions
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Meditation and mindfulness resources

Flexible Work Arrangements

Larger companies are keeping costs low, but prioritizing which departments meet remotely, and others in person. In this case, companies can offer options to work from home with flexible work arrangements or even compressed workweeks depending on the business or work position. A perk many employees are still searching for in potential jobs.

Financial Wellness Programs

With most employees concerned about their wellness within the workplace, companies are offering programs and benefits that provide resources and guidance on financial maintenance. These types of programs give access to:

  • Stock options
  • Financial advisors
  • Long-term financial goals
  • Investment opportunities
  • Employee retirements planning

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity and equity are always highlighted within a majority of companies and businesses in Austin. Therefore, companies are taking notice and responding with benefits packages that:

  • Support unprecedented groups
  • Promoting diversity in leadership roles
  • Benefits being equitable to all kinds of employees

Enhanced Family Benefits

Work and family life are just some of the main ideas most employees look for within a workplace or insurance in Austin. However, these types of benefits are not overlooked, especially with the high demand for family benefits and healthcare packages for families. A majority of packages include:

  • Subsidies for childcare
  • Increased paid parental leave
  • Access to family-friendly policies that include flexible scheduling and remote work options

Personalized Benefits Packages

Employees always seek ways to customize their insurance policies or benefits plans that best fit their lifestyle. As a result, companies provide numerous ways to allow employees to choose the benefits that best include their circumstances and priorities.

Continuous Learning and Development Opportunities

With the job market evolving, many potential work opportunities center around employees looking for ways to develop a lifetime career within the workplace. By offering these benefits, you can provide options for your employees to expand their determination and turn it into an opportunity. Such examples of these benefits include:

  • Tuition assistance
  • Mentorship programs
  • Education and training benefits
  • Professional development opportunities

Employee Benefits in Austin

Shepard Walton Employee Benefits is partnered with United Benefit Advisors to provide the best services and solutions for your business and group health plans in Austin. If you are interested in our customization services, we have many options catering to your specific and general needs for your business or company! Get viable information to help you get the best benefits while receiving other options that best suit your business! With UBA services, you can have the opportunity for Group Benefits in Austin and gain access to:

  • Exclusive networks used nationwide
  • HR resources to attain perfect solutions
  • Customizable support for businesses of any size

Unlocking Your Benefits: Let SWEB Be Your Guide to a Better Future

It’s the new year for you and your business, so why not start the year with trending employee benefits that will keep your employees satisfied and eager all year? Check out the incoming insurance trends for group health plans in Austin, and get the right solutions and benefits you need, and ask about information that best attains to you and your business! Contact us today.”

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