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5 Seasonal Factors New Employers Need to Handle Employee Benefits in McAllen

When it comes to workplace holidays, many things come to mind for employees and employers alike. Every state has defined holiday laws, and only certain holidays apply to specific workplaces. To keep up with these laws and regulations, we want to share five factors new employers should know while creating employee benefits around holidays.

Texas Holidays Policies

Texas law does not require employers to observe holidays or pay time off on said holidays. However, you can build a strong community for your employees by observing federal or state holidays.

● New Year’s Day (January 1)

● Independence Day (July 4)

● Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November)

● Christmas Day (December 25)

● Texas Independence Day (March 2)

● Thanksgiving Eve

● Christmas Eve (December 24)

● The Day after Christmas Day (December 26)

Public Employers and Employee Benefits 

Public offices in Texas may close on all national legal holidays and state legal holidays that fall on Saturday, Sunday, and Friday after Thanksgiving.

New public employers should be aware that:

  • Holiday paid leave is for part-time employees who are consistent with the normal schedule.
  • Employees who are entitled to paid holiday leave are required to work on national or state holidays.
  • State employees are eligible for paid time off on holidays on the days before or after the given holiday.

Private Employers

Private employers are not required to close on any listed national or state holidays as part of their employee benefits. These employers can establish time off policies for certain holidays and minimum wage rates that apply to those who work on those days.

What Should Your Holiday Policy cover?

When it comes to establishing your company holiday policy, you can consider additional factors:

  • Do you have a skeleton crew?
  • Which employees qualify for time off during holidays
  • Do you want to include rules about employees taking religious holidays?

Employee Benefits with SWEB

As an Employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure the right tools necessary to make your business a success! SWEB’s partnership with United Business Advisors (UBA) provides information for businesses on their current and results of project efforts. Some benefits you may request through UBA:

● Data Mining and Reporting

● Provider Network Analysis

● Vendor Marketing, Negotiation, and Consultation

Need More Information? Ask a SWEB Professional Today!

SWEB has many personalized employee benefits that are customizable and available to you! Ask a SWEB professional. Call (956) 213-3050) to get started or a click away!

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